April 20, 2024

The Notorious Chip Thief: Las Vegas Man Banned for Life from Nevada Casinos

Key Takeaways

The Notorious Chip Thief: Las Vegas Man Banned for Life from Nevada Casinos
  • Neal Ahmed Hearne has been added to the Nevada Excluded Persons list, becoming the 37th individual to earn a lifetime ban from the state's casinos.
  • The Nevada Gaming Commission unanimously voted to place Hearne in the "black book" after he stole chips from 15 different casinos.
  • Hearne met all three criteria for inclusion on the list: a prior felony conviction, a conviction involving moral turpitude, and a judicial casino ban.

LAS VEGAS – In a city famed for its dazzling casinos and unforgettable nightlife, one man's series of daring thefts has led to a lifetime exclusion from the very heart of Las Vegas's entertainment scene. Neal Ahmed Hearne has become the latest addition to Nevada's notorious Excluded Persons list, also known colloquially as the "black book," after a series of chip thefts that shocked the casino world.

During a recent meeting, the Nevada Gaming Commission made the unanimous decision to ban Hearne for life from entering any casino within the state, making him the 37th person to be added to this infamous list. The decision came after Hearne was caught on surveillance footage stealing thousands of dollars worth of chips from blackjack tables across 15 different casinos, a bold spree that left casino staff and patrons alike in disbelief.

Hearne Fulfilled All Three Criteria For Black Book

The criteria for inclusion on the Excluded Persons list are stringent, designed to target only the most serious offenders who pose a threat to the integrity of Nevada's gaming industry. To be considered for the list, an individual must have a prior felony conviction, a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude, or receive a judicial order banning them from casinos. Remarkably, Hearne met all three criteria.

"Are we, as a Nevada Gaming Commission, going to place anyone who’s grabbed chips from a table in a casino on the excluded list?,” pondered Commissioner Brian Krolicki during the deliberations. This question underscored the seriousness with which the commission views its role in safeguarding the casino environment. Senior Deputy Attorney General John Michela highlighted that Hearne's criminal history and actions clearly justified his addition to the list, emphasizing that such measures are crucial for maintaining the integrity of gaming operations in Nevada.

The incident at the Aria Casino, where Hearne was caught on tape swiping chips and fleeing the scene, was a key factor in the commission's decision. This brazen act, along with his prior convictions, painted a picture of an individual whose continued presence in casinos could undermine the trust and safety that are paramount to the industry's success.

As a result of the commission's unanimous vote, Hearne will now face the reality of a lifetime ban from the vibrant casino floors that define Las Vegas, a stark reminder of the consequences awaiting those who attempt to cheat the system. This decision reinforces Nevada's commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct within its gaming establishments, ensuring that the thrill and excitement of casino gaming remain untainted by criminal activities.

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