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Official Blackjack Rules

Before getting started on blackjack, it's good to understand the basic rules of the game. These will help players learn and come up with their own strategies to win the game. By just following fundamental aspects such as when to hit or stand, double down, split pairs, and surrender, players can learn to win and master any opponents.

Learn the Rules of Blackjack in Order to Become a Master

Of course, players can engage in play by understanding the basic rules. However, for them to win in blackjack, they need to understand more than the basic rules. This article discusses the top practices that can help players secure a win in any blackjack match.

Basic Rules When Playing Blackjack

Typically, blackjack starts when players make bets. The dealers will then deal four cards; two to the player and two to themselves. One card will be face down while the other is face up. All cards usually count based on their face value. Picture cards normally count as 10, the ace card counts as either 1 or 11, but the card suits have no meaning.

The player will choose when to hit or stand, double down, split pairs, or surrender, but the dealer is the person who acts last. Players will win when they have higher hand totals than the dealer, or less than 21 when dealer busts.

Blackjack Card Rules

In most cases, casinos advise players to try to get as close to 21 as possible as this is the objective of blackjack. However, to win, players need to come up with two goals; get a total that exceeds the dealer's hand and avoiding getting over 21 when the dealers do.

The total of each hand is the sum of all the card values in the hand. For instance, if a hand contains queens, the total amount is 15. When a player or dealer exceeds 21, this is known as busting. When a player doesn't have an Ace or if it counts as 1, it is called a hard hand.

Blackjack Betting Rules

Typically, blackjack can be played by up to seven players seated at a round table that is covered with a felt cloth. There's a box or square in front of each player, where the wagers are placed. The dealers are the ones responsible for paying winning bets, collecting losses and keeping the game going.

Players are not allowed to bet using cash. However, casino betting chips and checks can be used. Players buy chips from dealers who complete current rounds. Some casinos let players play with more than one hand, assuming the rest of the positions are open. This means that they will have to place a wager on each hand.

Blackjack Playing Decision Rules

When the player sees their cards and one of the dealer's cards, they'll have to make a playing decision. This means that they can choose to hit, stand, double down, surrender or pair split. Hitting means that the player will receive another card to their hand.

When the player stands, it means that they are satisfied with the total of the hand and they would like to stand with the cards. Pair splitting happens when players have two Aces, and they would like to split them. When players double down, they'll double their original bet and in return receive a drawcard, unlike the surrender where players lose half of the bet.


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