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How To Play Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a widely popular casino game, loved by skill players both in physical and virtual casinos. The advent of live dealer blackjack has made the game even more popular.

In this model of play, the player gaming online is able to see the dealer's action on a video stream in the same way they would appear in a land-based casino. This feature allows the player to have the same experience of a physical casino without having to step out of their house. The ability to interact with the dealer also ensures that any arising issues are solved immediately.

How Live Blackjack Works

Live dealing is enabled by video streaming. The site packs a software on its platform that allows video to be transmitted in real time. On their end, players looking to play a live dealer session select it from the site menu.

A good internet connection is required to enable the player to move with the speed of the game. Many sites allow players to chat with the house via text. This software also takes into consideration occurrences like interruption during gameplay. In such an event, most houses treat a player as if they did not take part in that round, unless bets had already been placed.

The Blackjack Live Dealer

The dealer in a live online session serves pretty much the same role as that in a physical casino. In live blackjack, the dealer shuffles cards and does the dealing.

They dish out two cards to each player taking part in the round. They then draw one or two cards for themselves depending on the casino style. Players then reveal cards to show whether they have won, busted or are going to draw extra cards. In some casinos, the dealer may engage the players verbally or via text. This is, however, not so common given the game is fast-moving.

Live Blackjack Software

A lot of software development is needed to ensure live casino gaming sessions go smoothly. It involves tweaking and upgrading ordinary online games to accommodate the live feature.

Usually, it is not the online casinos that develop the live blackjack software. Rather, it is the companies that develop the game that take charge of creating the live model. Such companies include MicroGaming and Play n' Go among others. Most of these companies do not have online casinos themselves. They specialize in creating games then sell them to casinos. They also work with gaming forums and casinos to know where fixes and upgrades are required.

Learning Through Live Blackjack Streams

Blackjack is a game of skill. Players need to know when to draw, fold or stand. While these skills can be learned before playing in a live session, it is important to understand how these things are executed when playing live.

Players can familiarize themselves with live dealer blackjack by watching live dealer streams without taking part. These streams are available on various platforms. Some casinos allow new players to opt in and watch without playing. There are also tipsters who create and upload such tutorials on personal channels like YouTube. Watching these guides helps players acclimatize with the terms used and how to make certain calls.

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